Today is my moms birthday, and I did a thing y’all….

I’m not sure whose bright idea it was to plant a holly bush near the sidewalk (it came with the house), however, I suspect it was someone who hates humans because this bush drops the meanest, sharpest, pain-inducing needle leaves so, I cut it down, and I cut down the other one next to it just because.

And then I remembered something… every month my mom gets the Better Homes and Garden magazine and she shows me pictures and tells me about all the things she wants in her yard.

I don’t have a Better Homes and Garden budget, however, I do have a pile of these rocks in the backyard so I carried them all to the front yard, and then I went to Lowe’s and bought some flowers from the half-dead/ half-off rack. Some are still struggling, but most are doing pretty well…
There are still a few things want to do… I want to get a pot or two for the tables, and maybe get a string of outdoor lights… it’s not perfect, however, for now, I believe it’s good enough, and I think she will like it too. probably.

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