She was stubborn, delightful, brilliant, and quite possibly one of the most fascinating people I ever knew, and I miss her already.

I’m so glad I had her in my life. Tomorrow is my moms’ burial, y’all. She passed away Monday afternoon, June 28th.
The house is quiet. So quiet.
The sight of her empty bed, takes my breath, and I have to remind myself… inhale/exhale/repeat…
I feel sad, and a little bit lost, and at the same time, I feel relieved. Relieved for her.
I imagine, at some point, I will write more about all of this, more about her, more about our relationship, more about caring for someone with dementia, because I’ve got many stories to share.

Do ya’ll remember last year when she wanted me to help her send out Christmas cards? She handed me a piece of paper with all of her thoughts and ideas of all the things she wanted to write in the cards, and one of the things she wrote was “in lieu of flowers, care for one another.” It stuck with me, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate and honor my mother than to do exactly that… So, tomorrow, let’s do that. Tomorrow, tell someone how much they mean to you. Do something kind for a friend, or a co-worker, or even a stranger… and the next day, repeat.

And if no one has told you yet today, I love you.

Now go, be kind, and care for one another.

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