One tocking clock at a time…

Hear me out, y’all….

I have counted over 70 clocks in this house, and so it seems I have a lot of time on my hands. Also, I’m fairly certain I haven’t even found all of them yet, however, while I was hunting and gathering all the clocks this afternoon, I noticed I was beginning to feel a bit wound up, and in order to keep myself from feeling ticked off, I decided to take a time-out, and write, a little, and it’s all true except for the part about feeling wound up and ticked off. Mostly, I was feeling punstoppable, because… because clocks, y’all. Plus, everyone knows that clocks and puns go hand in hand.

Ok, Ok, I’ll stop wasting time, and get to the point, in a few minutes, probably.

Thing is, I’m not claiming to know everything, or that I even know much about anything, really, however, I am convinced of a few things. For instance, I believe loving your family and children well includes not leaving them with so-much-stuff to deal with after you die. Trash or treasure.

Let-it-go, y’all.

My grandparents accumulated a ton of stuff in their 80+ years, and I remember after they passed, the enormous amount of time, effort… blood, sweat, and tears we spent dealing with all of it, and by “we”, I mean, not me … I helped some, however, the weight of it all wasn’t mine…

And now, twenty-plus years later, here we are again, dealing with so-much-stuff…

Side Note- on notes- I’ve been finding notes. Little handwritten notes my mom wrote and evidently stuck in all kinds of weird places so, that makes it all better, I guess.

This nonsense stops with me, ya’ll. One-tocking-clock at a time.

Because curses are meant to be broken.

If we perpetuate any of the hurtful habits and behaviors of our parents and grandparents then we really can’t claim to be evolving, can we?

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