I won Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and a figure skating competition… because I’m awesome, I guess.

I was on TV, ya’ll.… and according to my mama, I have made quite a few TV appearances in the last few weeks. I won Jeopardy twice and I’ve been the winner on Wheel of Fortune numerous times. Also, and most recently, I was in a figure skating competition, and I won 1st place. I love how she always believes the best in me; she didn’t always. (so much I want to say about that… perhaps a story for another day) In short, it’s bittersweet, and dementia is weird.

I haven’t written much lately because… TV appearances have kept me busy, obviously. Ok, that’s not true. I haven’t written much lately because… it’s a lot, ya’ll. Working full-time and caring for my mom full-time is-a-lot. It’s not a complaint; it just is… a lot. And it’s wonderful and sad and full of all the feels, some I didn’t even know existed. Also, I haven’t written lately because the past 7-8 weeks have been hard. But also, beautiful. And terrible. And lovely. And exhausting, mostly exhausting.

I love how she laughs easily. I love how animated she becomes when she tells me about things that interest her. I don’t love it so much at 3am. I love that she believes I’m winning at everything. I love how she’s become the kind of person who makes you want to be the person she thinks you are.

Sidenote -Mothers, if you’re not believing the best about your children then can you really say you’re loving them well enough? Also, are we being realistic about what their “best” is?
Because not all of us can earn a top spot on the podium in a figure skating competition without breaking in a pair of skates first.

Anyway, somewhere between my Tv appearances and the figure skating, my brain broke, and a million stories flooded my mind… and I don’t exactly know where to go from here… but I want to say that I’m so grateful to have you listening, and I’m grateful for my friends who check in with me, and who don’t get mad and write me off when I don’t respond because they love me enough to forgive me before getting upset. Thanks, friends.

I love how she says, “My Pepper”

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