Coffee, snow angels and whatever is left of my dignity…

My body tried to pull a murder on me this morning, ya’ll, and I didn’t enjoy it.
I ventured out early to get coffee, and when I arrived back at home, I stepped out of my car, coffee in each hand, pushed the door shut with my hip, and unknowingly shut part of my robe in the door. So, as I proceeded to take a confident step forward my robe snapped me backwards where I planted my foot on some ice… Next thing I know I’m flat on my back, both arms straight up in the air protecting the coffee and wondering if I’m injured. I’m like 50% angry and 70% terrified and 100% not sure how math works, so I just decided that everything hurts, and nothing is injured….

Anyhoo, I get myself back on my feet, and the backside of my robe is covered in snow, and I go inside. My mom see’s me and says “whats is that all over the back of your robe?”, I tell her it’s snow mixed with whatever is left of my dignity, and pieces of my soul….. OK, no, I didn’t say that, I kept it short, and told her it was snow because I had a little fall. She says, “Why would you want to do that?”….. Wanted to make a snow angel, Mom!
And now every-time she sees me she looks at me as if I’m the one losing my mind…

Also, not a drop of coffee was spilled, so I’m kind of a rockstar, I think.

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