…because love is patient.

People with dementia hide/hoard things. My mom “collects” antique tins… Both of these are true.
Ya’ll, I seriously thought my mom was on the eat-half-a-box-of-cereal-every-day-depression-diet and because I’ve been on that same diet a few times in my life, I wasn’t judging… I was stopping at the grocery store every other day and buying more cereal, and after a week or more of this, I got curious and started asking questions, and it just so happens that she’s not on that diet at all, and is now judging me for even thinking it’s a thing… which is interesting, I think… especially because she is taking the cereal out of its box and storing it in tins…. Which means, every morning I get to pry or pop the lid off at least one (if I’m lucky) or all of these tins just to find the cereal…. Also, and depending on how many lids I must open, my morning prayer sometimes goes like, #JesusBeAXanex, because love is patient.

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