And so, I think the real question here is, “are the googly eyes to much?”

Seems like a legit question… And one that was replaced with remembering part of the conversation I had earlier in the day with my therapist… who seems to be one of those who believe in being productive. Working, serving, doing something, anything really… and I get it, I’m down with it and so I remind him that I have been productive. I’ve been building a website (blog/store), and finger painting and thinking about writing, some, and grieving and healing and honestly I can’t even believe I’m having to remind him of these things… and then… he asks, “so, how’s that going for you, the website, the writing and the painting… since it’s all still in the dark?” The audacity… also, I’m like, “well, shit”, because there’s really no point in having a website if nobody knows where it is… so… here it is, ya’ll. This is where I’ll be blogging and selling my finger paintings and other weird creations to, probably. And, just like me, my website is a work in progress. 

Also, if you happen to be wondering what I’ll be writing about… well, about 48yrs worth of everything, probably, which reminds me of something Anne Lamott once wrote, it was something like, “If people want you to write warmly about them, then they should’ve treated you better.” Anne Lamott has a great point, I think. So, with that in mind, I will change the names of some, probably. Depends. 

Also, about those googly eyes, I’ll write more about those too, eventually.

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