42x genuine…

Dinner conversation;

Mom: How was work today?
Me: it was pretty good.

(2 mins later)

Mom: How was your work today?
Me: It was pretty good, thank you for asking.

(2 mins later)

Mom: How was work today?
Me: (deep sigh) It was pretty good, Thanks for asking.

And in that deep sigh, I wondered things… If she asks me 42 times in 30mins, will I be able to engage her and respond patiently…graciously… all 42 times… as if it were the first time…. ?
Because to her, each time is the first time. Her connection to the moment may be lost, however, her curiosity about my day is genuine, …. forty-two-times-genuine…. And for multiple reasons, it’s bittersweet…

Lord, help us to put into perspective the hardest moments of the day, to choose humility over irritability, to view others thru the lens of God’s grace…. and to extend kindness, and mercy even when we feel exasperated… and by “us and we”, I mean, ME.

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