It’s time…

A few months ago (September 1st), and after numerous falls and emergency room visits, it became clear that it was no longer safe for my mom to live on her own. The lease on my tiny cute house in the village (which I loved), was up, and it was time for me to either renew the lease or move…. My plan was to renew the lease…. I didn’t. I moved back to Edmond, and in with my mom. At some point she will need more care than I’m capable of providing, and I’m not sure when that time will be or what it will look like, yet… what I do know is that for now, I have an incredible opportunity to love-her-well. I haven’t always.
Recently, she was diagnosed with dementia. This news didn’t come as a shock to me; However, it did come as a shock to her, and unfortunately, it comes as a shock to her every-single- day, and sometimes, multiple times a day because that’s how dementia works…
So basically, the past couple of months have been difficult. But also, delightful. And sad. And humbling. and precious. And God is good, all the time….
Also, I plan to write/share about all the difficult, delightful, sad, and humbling things as they come up, because Its good therapy, and sanity is important, I think, and also, because she is precious.

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